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Now, your sales rep starts conversing with this lead real-time. Most often, your sales rep will require another set of email campaigns that are account-based (that is, lead specific) to push that lead to hit the buy button.

These email campaigns are exclusive and are highly targeted. However, a proper email subject will not ensure that your audience would read your emails or increase your email open rate.

And a marketing automation tool is the bridge that connects these two operations for a harmonious existence.

While marketing team gets detailed information about the prospective ideal customer from the sales team, sales team also requires help when trying to convert a lead.

Let’s say, You acquire a lead with email campaigns, landing page, gated video, mobile marketing and social media marketing.

You identify the most potential leads with lead scoring and let your sales rep know.

Dear Shopify, why oh why is the SUBJECT LINE on lock down?

When we talk about email marketing campaigns, it is not just about sending a newsletter or only newsletters.

Email engagement has a lot more to offer, and in every case, email subject lines play a pivotal role.

When you sign up for a demo or a new product, what is the first email you receive? This is the first email that a brand sends you with your name included in the subject line as well as the content.

This is only the first email in the series of emails that are scheduled to follow. Rather automated drip campaigns are triggered based on user behaviour, engagement, and activities spanning across the website and apps.

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